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Finer Options for the Cloth Selling

Sooner or later, each of us is faced with the need to sell a personal thing. Someone regularly sells second-hand children’s clothing, and someone first put up for sale a car or designer bag.

Follow rule 4 “P”

Before you take a picture of the product and put it on sale in the Internet, it is advisable to conduct a pre-sale preparation: wash, clean, wash, iron (sounds like the “4 Rule”). Luxury products require more complex procedures. Clothes are dry-cleaned, shoes are preventive, for expensive Birkin-SPA bags (this is a repair, during which they tint and restore places where the delicate skin has wiped off). You can have the top sell clothes there now.

Take good photos

With online sales, it’s not the price of the product and not the brand that takes the first place, but the photo. What will highlight your offer from thousands of others in the catalog or tape of the social networks page. In fact, you do not even sell the product itself, but the idea of ​​it, which will be formed after viewing your picture. This requires “selling photos.” Making them is not so difficult, just remember a few basic rules:

For clear, high-quality photos, you need a good camera. The smartphone is also suitable, but before each shooting you need to remember to wipe the lens from dust and fingerprints.

You should always shoot in natural light: by the window and not against the light, avoid shadows.

The ideal background is white or the color of baked milk (on this background things look most advantageous). It is convenient to use Insta-background (a special board or a piece of plywood with a beautiful texture) or at least a monochromatic light wall, sheet, table, floor, sofa. The main thing – no colorful prints, carpets, scattered things in the background, etc. “Creative” background in the form of natural or artificial turf, pebbles, etc. Sometimes it looks fresh and original.

Filters, labels, arrows and stickers on the photos add style to the design, and also allow you to conveniently display the key parameters of the product (brand, size, price). You can put them on the photo using a smartphone and one of the popular applications: Skitch , PicsArt , Canva , etc.

What should be the preparation process?

If we are talking about selling photos (and in fact this is its direct purpose), it is worth making maximum efforts to make it look 100% full.

Due to transport and storage, the appearance of the product may lose its attractiveness, as bruising adds carelessness. This means that each sample must be trained before creating a presentation photo.

Preparation is the first major step in photographing

Do not assume that Photoshop perfectly cope with all the difficulties for you and fix any flaws. Of course, this graphic editor perfectly retouches various defects, but for this you have to spend more than one month on the practice of working in it.